Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mariah Carey articles from Christmas in Washington

Okay I love all the hoopla of Christmas and while Christmas in Washington with Mariah Carey is awesome, I still love the videos of her other Chrstimas music.  Most of her musice is viral on and you can find several of those on the Mariah Carey blogpost from early in December.

Finding out she was expecting twins has been big buzz news today. When you view the pictures, those that are more experienced may be able to guess the approximate month she is due. For now I have not found any information on expected due date.  At the end of October she announced the baby would be born "in the spring".

I am guessing it will around February/March... .rumors of her pregnancy abounded in June of 2010.  Most women who have had past pregnancy issues want to be sure before public annoucements go out. Earlier reports and announcements lean toward pre-spring and well, I'll eat my hat if its sooner, There was report in September indicating -  that around Christmas, Mariah's baby would be due.   That also makes sense, however she did not appear to be that close to birth of last night! WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Below is a list of several articles of Mariah Carey from last nights celebration in Washington and I hope you enjoy:

Mariah Carey performs at 'Christmas in Washington' 2010 -Video

Mariah Carey may be a mother very soon, but that hasn't slowed down her work schedule this holiday season. Tonight the entertainer was on the TNT Special, 'Christmas in Washington’. The annual Presidential  tradition of a...

Mariah Carey earrings fashion at ‘Christmas in Washington’ were too long ('Christmas in Washington': First family giggles as audience wonders why (Video)

Last night on TNT the Christmas in Washington special brought out the tribute to the season. The event, held at the National Building Museum was presented by the first family, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and had a string of performance that were...

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