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Samuel Jackson hosts the BET Awards: what will his gift bag look like

Slideshow: 50 photos of Elizabeth Taylor Auction Collection : Jewelry focus

 [50 Photos] Elizabeth Taylor $115 million jewelry auction at Christie’s Wednesday, December 14, 2011  the auction results were released Wednesday by Christie's Auction House. The first auction of the four day event started with a bang at Christies auction house in New York. Pulling in $115...Elizabeth Taylor Pearls sets records

Included are a few articles about Tiffany & Co. Celebrity Styling.  I love this store and staff is wonderful.

Tiffany and Co. presents Tiffany Locks: Exclusive photos of Locks Collection

Okay I'll admit it,  I am now totally 100% biased.  I am convinced that Tiffany & Co. is the best thing that ever happened to a celebrity wannabe.  In the effort to try all things celebrity, I was given the 

Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway wear $ Millions in Tiffany Diamonds

Pictures - Anne Hathaway: Valentino + Tiffany = perfect look ...

Glittering at the SAG Awards 2011: Lea Michele Twitters Tiffany and Kardashian