Sunday, July 15, 2012

Robert Downey Jr. Makes a 'Stark' Difference to Kids during Comic-Con 2012

that is a great costume!
 Say what you will about Robert Downey Jr. and argue which of his roles isbest - but you have to acknowledge that the man knows how to thrill the kids as he arrives at Comic-Con 2012.  Arriving early Robert Downey Jr. gave out high -fives, talked with the kids and jokingly proclaimed himself the winner of the Iron Man Kids' Costume Contest . The "Stark" difference in room atmosphere was immediate and exciting, with children screaming and laughing.  

High Five
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 The reminder of his character was right there in the room - a giant Iron Man Costume. Later Downey participated in the Iron Man 3 panel. During the Iron Man 3 panel a video of the upcoming film was introduced to the delight of the panel audience. All in all RDJ also known as Tony Stark "Iron Man" makes a stark (pardon the pun) difference in the lives of the young Iron Man  look-a-likes.

who's the winner ?- "It's me!"

unless noted otherwise all photos are screen shots from video footage.

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