Friday, May 17, 2013

All things Angelina Jolie: Do you have a girl crush?

It took a few years. I am never a fan of divorce or adultery but if Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie can move on - then so can we.  Angelina's political savvy, great acting and sultry good looks have earned her a title as a Hollywood Powerhouse.  Always an A-lister, the woman has gumption. Making the tough choices in life = her recent decision to have a double masectomy and ovary removal to reduce her risk of cancers is nothing short of incredible. YES many women have done the same thing - but they dont' have the fan base that Jolie has.The women going before are HEROES and should be commended for making tough choices too.  All in all, over the past few years, Angelina has earned a girl crush title!  #breastcancer #angelinajolie.   KUDOS to Brad Pitt also for his support in Jolie's decision.

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