Saturday, January 5, 2013

Where do you Instagram? 7 hot US locations used by Instagram addicts

Jan 5, 2013:

Instagram Blog gave up some numbers earlier this week. LA Times echoed the locations on Thursday.

Instagrams - for those wondering, are those wonderful photos that are taken by phone and instantly (yes instant) uploaded to Facebook, Twitter  or other social media platforms. We don't pretend to understand how they work.... we just access them. Someday someone will gift me with a device capable of doing Instagrams.

 Instagram has an APP
fair use
You want Hot Locations? Well, Instagram has an APP for you!  Giving up the top locations that were backdrops for Instagrams. So here it is.... drumroll please:

United States Hot Spots: 
Disneyland Park (didn't see that coming as #3 did you?)
Times Square
AT&T Park
LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)
Dodger Stadium
Santa Monica Pier
USA took 7 out of the top ten spots.  WOW, maybe we DO have too much time on our hands!
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