Sunday, March 7, 2010

Academy Award Picks - Avatar or Blindside ?

BLOG POST: Tonight are the Academy Awards and the experience varies for many. My son will watch to see if his favorit movie wins. My daughter-in-law just loves to see the red carpet. Others will watch as a sport much like football, wagering who will win in what category.

I will watch to enjoy the hoopla and the responses of people. You can check out the various categories and nominees on the official Oscar site. click on the picture below. TRAILERS of the nominations can be found by clicking here: nominee trailers

The Blind Side

MY favorites for tonight are on Sandra Bullock and Blindside for many reasons. Avatar could pull it out and win best movie or best technical. Inglorious Bastards and The Hurt Locker were movies I really liked, but it might have been too gory for many viewers.
Woody Harrelson seems to be accelerating and gaining ground as a solid supporting actor. His character acting is incredible but is it good enough to pull out an Oscar tonight? I think it just might be.
My favorite category comes tomorrow with the best and worst dressed lists. The picking apart of the Hollywood Elite dress, shoes and hair analysis.
What are your Oscar picks? Let me know in the comments.

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I Heart KC said...

Loved Blindside. It showed a new side of Sandra Bullock. When an actor doesn't even look like themselves because they've fully enveloped themselves in a role, that's good acting, and that's what she achieved, IMO.

That said, I didn't see Avatar.