Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Celebrity Hairstylist Tommy Buckett on

"After only eight years in the hair business, Buckett is a celebrity favorite—his handiwork can be seen on his Hollywood clients such as Rachel McAdams, Ashley Olsen, and Sienna Miller. He’s behind Brooklyn Decker’s envy-inducing hair in the ELLE Make Better DVD series, too. Here, he shares his A-list tips.
What styles are your celeb clients into right now?
A lot of them are young, and they want hair that is fun—it’s no longer about coiffed updos and perfect finger waves. I’m doing more messy buns, ponytails, and choppy bobs for the red carpet.
Do you think these fresher looks are easier to re-create at home?
Definitely. They would be great for a night out and don’t require a lot of styling skills. Product is key: Don’t be afraid to use too much—I layer dry shampoo and volumizing hairspray to create fullness and texture before pulling hair back into a loose bun
or ponytail.
Are products always necessary? What if someone is a product-phobe?
You don’t need a lot, but you should put product in the hair after it is dry">>>KEEP READING

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