Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Darla Wears Tiffany: Exclusive photos and Tiffany Lock Design

Tiffany Locks 
*Tiffany & Co. lock collection

Heart pendant handcrafted in platinum and covered with pavé diamonds. 
They say, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." I say they are WRONG.  The saying should be "Tiffany diamonds are a girl's best friend."   If you want to have glitz, glamor and bling; you can't go wrong wearing diamonds by Tiffany & Co.. 

I love Jewelry; however, because I lose rings and things, I seldom wear it.  In the Celeb world of Blake Lively, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Love Hewitt - Tiffany Jewelry is a must have.  Many of my friends wear jewels,  including Tiffany and I must say this visit has made me vow to start wearing jewelry more often. As my favorite representative said, "What is the point of owning jewelry if you can't enjoy wearing it?"

Recently I was invited to see the new line of Tiffany Locks. This awesome design is new and exciting.   Previously the "Keys" collections have been cherished by many a fan, now "Locks" are available to layer with this fabulous jewelry.

If you are jewelry "challenged", take a look at this line of jewelry, which is designed to be affordable. From a mere $80 these pieces are affordable - for those wanting more you can choose Lock designs that are up to $6,000.  For more information, call '800 TIFFANY' or Tiffany.com.

THANK YOU Tiffany & Co. of Scottsdale for the awesome visit and sharing your design with me.  I am now the proud owner of a Tiffany lock that will be released later this spring..  Blake Lively has also enjoyed wearing Tiffany Locks - so watch for her in the news wearing her "Locks".

Check  for my full report check my celebrity columns on Examiner.com for both Tuscon and National.    Local Tiffany stores can be located via their website.  Scroll Down for the collection picures.  


I felt stunning
In the great tradition of Tiffany craftsmanship, these precious metals are textured, polished and combined, creating jewelry with the distinctive look of chic urban hardware or lustrous heirlooms.

 Darla Wears Tiffany
Some Locks in the lock collection are functional and will open

I was so excited - the bracelet is awesome!

Tiffany Locks also include a heart pendant handcrafted in platinum and covered with pavé diamonds. The dazzling design epitomizes the universal symbol of love and reflects all the emotion the heart can hold.

Photo's by Darla Hanger
Touchups by MegRocks Photography
TIFFANY, TIFFANY & CO. and the TIFFANY BLUE BOX are trademarks of Tiffany (NJ) LLC, Tiffany and Company and their affiliates.

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