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VIDEO: Trailer for 'WINNIE' with Jennifer Hudson

November 15, 2010 - Just released is the trailer of 'Winnie'   The movie is about...

VIDEO; Conan O'Brien segment - Creepy TSA Patdown Nov. 15, 2010

November 15,2010 - Tonight Conan O'Brien tackled a subject that has been hot on the internet.  Invasion of privacy by TSA officials.   With some websites claiming that there is molestation and sexual harassment happening - one is creeped out by the full body pat downs. The choices are: Pelt the body with radiation from the full body scanner or submit yourself to CREEPY full body pat down.  Warning:  this pat down may not be suitable for all ages 

VIDEO George Lopez opening: Sheryl Crow, Manny Pacquiao, Craig Ferguson

November 15, 2010 -  With intro remarks that might make a sailor blush, George Lopez opens the show with fluid comedy that is delivered smoothly, he receives the laughs.   Joking about new laws in Arizona, facial creams and Sarah Palin's Alaska, he received  applause, laughs and a few groans.  Enjoy the intro segment for the  George Lopez Show  Watch for additional videos. 

VIDEO DWTS Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - Cha-Cha-Cha Hotttest Dance of Night

November 15, 2010 -  Possibly the hottest dance of the night. Jennifer Grey and Derek hough danced this CHA CHA perfectly.  This was the closest we've see to the Dirty Dancing routines of yore.  Jennifer fell in love with dancing again and it was obvious. She looks amazing but the ease of her movements was the  obvious  reason for the high scores.  Flirting with the 'Dancing with the Stars' judges as part of the dance certainly didn't hurt the scores any.  "All is fair in love and war."  10-10-10 prefect 30 score reflects the...

VIDEO DWTS: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Paso Doble

November 15, 2010 -  Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas  dance  Paso Doble, because of previous low scoreboard results it is important that she keeps showing improvement and growth in her dancing.  Mark is pretty optimistic. Now Bristol does not whip her hair all around nearly as well as Willow Smith, but she does show signs of becoming more fluid in motions and relaxed.  At two visible points you can see a relaxation that if she had a few more weeks might really serve her well.   The judges said similar that she is coming back with determination (after six times)...

VIDEO: SWTS Brandy & Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Argentine Tango

November 15, 2010 -  Perfectionist Brandy dances a storyline with Maksim Chmerkovskiy in the Argentine Tango. One of 'Dancing with the Stars'  judges described it as atmosphere and remarks were made about her extensions, and how dynamic and powerful the dance was performed.  It was so powerful it ripped the earring right out of Maks earlobe.   The DWTS segment for "FREESTYLE" is much looked forward to and should offer some great competition.  With perfect scores of 10-10-10 the tally of 30 for Brandy and Maksim, reflected the Dancing with the Stars...

VIDEO DWTS: 'Dancing With The Stars' Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer - Samba

November 15, 2010 -  Kyle and Lacey what a team.  They danced the Samba with bouncing natural energy,excitement,and fun.With superb timing they danced away with great technique. Kyle is feeling good about the hard work they do and Lacey is looking forward to the "FreeStyle" part of the competition.   The scores reflected the high praise from the judges. 10, 9 and 10 for a score of 29. The song they danced to was: "She's Got Me Dancing" by Tommy Sparks Kyle to home audience, "YOU GUYS ROCK! WOOOOO " 

Hollywood Legend Clint Eastwood Accepts : Museum of Tolerance Award

November 15. 2020 -  Clint Eastwood accepts award at the Museum of Tolerance. The video clip had an amusing informational piece: "Clint Eastwood makes the Museum of Tolerance's Day.  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger presented, George Lopez (emcee) kidded around and Eli Wallach talked about sharing a bed with Clint in 1965. Do you feel lucky, punk?" For being touted as a rough tough guy in the movies it is almost funny to see this award.  But in real life, Clint Eastwood is a polished actor/director as well as producer and a former mayor of Carmel, California. Clint...

VIDEO: 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' achieves massive ratings on TLC as 5 million tune in

November 15, 2010 - It comes as no surprise to us that Sarah Palin and her  show, 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' drew one of the largest audiences in TLC opening history.  If you  have been watching news then you know that when Sarah Palin speaks, crowds seem energized.  Whether you are for or against her political opinions, one thing is for sure, she is popular, more  popular than her satirical character, played by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Life.  So when, TLC announced that, " the début episode of the new show drew 4.96 million total viewers,...

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