Monday, November 15, 2010

What's Darth Vader doing in Dubai? -

A celeb photographer for sure. Make sure to read full interview by clicking on title link

What's Darth Vader doing in Dubai? -
"CNN) -- In a galaxy not so far, far away -- Dubai to be exact -- a French photographer has been feeling the force of the city's futuristic landscape.
Cedric Delsaux, who has already made a name for himself juxtaposing iconic images from the classic Star Wars films into locations on earth, has turned to the Middle Eastern metropolis in a recent project.
'Dark Lens: Dubai Invasion' uses the fast-developing city's vast building sites and urban desert as reimagined backdrop to a playful new chapter in George Lucas' 'Star Wars' saga.
In Delsaux's images, the Millennium Falcon can be found parked in a vast construction project in the city's downtown, exhausted droids are seen hanging out around a clapped-out old Buick and terrifying At-At armored transports stride over freeways.
Here Delsaux answers CNN's questions on what inspires his work and why he was drawn to Dubai.
CNN: Why do you use 'Star Wars' imagery in your work? Are you a 'Star Wars' fan?"

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