Saturday, November 13, 2010

X Factor: Out-tipping the octopus? : X-Factor : Specials

X Factor: Out-tipping the octopus? : X-Factor : Specials: "With a tentacled mollusc making predictions and rumours abounding of a double eviction this weekend, can Jack Houghton offer any likely routes to value?

For two years they've clashed over the X-Factor. In 2008, Mike Norman prevailed. In 2009, Jack Houghton made it honours even. Norman's claims of foul-play last year sparked a brawl at the betting.betfair Christmas party. To avoid a repeat performance, the editors have decided to formalise things this year. Each armed with a £1,000 and their We-Love-You-Simon badges, Mike Norman and Jack Houghton go head-to-head - tipping their way to a Christmas number one."

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