Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 2010 Celebrity Hall of Shame

The 2010 Celebrity Hall of Shame: "What follows is just a small sampling of the worst of the best of celebrity in 2010, and we bring it to you in the hope that the rich and beautiful continue to feed the rest of us plenty of reasons to feel better about themselves.

Brett Favre: The Minnesota Vikings quarterback reportedly sent x-rated photos of himself to a female sports reporter via his cellphone, giving new meaning to the expression 'phoning it in'... and Tight End. Clearly Favre was reading from the wrong playbook.

Miley Cyrus: The teenaged pop singer was captured huffing on a bong (salvia, not pot) and a video of the escapade went viral on the Internet, instantly alienating a large fan base. Still, she effortlessly transitioned from bubblegum to adult contemporary, even if her backstage rider might be harder to fill these days (what the hell is Alley Juice?).

Jesse James: The reality TV personality got caught cheating on wife Sandra Bullock. You'd think James's name would"

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