Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday Night Live SNL special celebrates 36 years: videos and clips here

Tonight, according to, there 2 hours of fun and laughter that spans 36 years of television history. Saturday Night Live is the longest running comedy and the show has impacted our country with satire, skits, slapstick, impressions and so much more. The show is celebrating the 36 year run with viewers anticipating the opening line: "Live - from New York - It's Saturday Night!"

Over the years there have been so many celebrities one does not know where to start.  Greats talent such as Steve Martin, Adam Sandler, Dana Carvey, Tina Feye and others.  Tonight there will be over 90 celebrities  on the show.  The first hour of the show will highlight some of the more popular 'Fake Ads' during the 36 year run. These have not been screened, so watch at your own risk. :)

Below are a few clips of the fake ads.  The last one is one of the more popular and will be seen tonight: "Taco Town".  You will need to endure a few seconds of sponsored ads to watch them. Watch tonight to see more the following is from where you can find additional information.  Remember to tune in one hour earlier than time listed if you are Central time. Adjust for your time zone.  

8:00 PM
Saturday Night Live Just Commercials - Parental Discretion Advised
9:00 PM
Saturday Night Live Backstage (viewer Discretion Advised)

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