Sunday, December 5, 2010

CHER Lloyd on X Factor: Advances to final - Mary sent home VIDEO

December 5th, 2010 -   The first performance with duet was awesome. But the solo, was not what was thrilling in this room Cher Lloyd,  this was not your best performance on X Factor UK, but it was good enough for the judges.   Many have tuned in to see Glee today, so we expected the best performance possible.  A new viewer said, " Who is that? She sounds nervous and the lower register is not good. She sounds better in the upper register." 
Only one judge wanted to send Mary on  stating that, "Mary was considered more real."   The judges liked Cher's work well enough to send Cher through to finals,  especially mentioning the confidence.  Even with Simon's negative remarks previously about Cher, he seemed to like the same  performance that a viewer in the room said, ' resembles a coyote singing," - Simon agreed that Cher should be sent on to the final.  It just goes to show that LIVE in PERSON is the best way to view a show like X Factor Uk. 
Good Luck to Cher Lloyd in the next rounds. to sign up for the next competition. 

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