Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Apprentice President: Joan Rivers tipped Donald Trump's presidential leanings - Monsters and Critics

The Apprentice President: Joan Rivers tipped Donald Trump's presidential leanings - Monsters and Critics: "Joan Rivers: I think he should be president. I think he is president, Bloomberg is vice president, and they clean up this country.
M&C: Interesting. Well, on that note, Joan, thank you so much for your time.
And now, here's Donald Trump, who today says it's a possibility. Trump was at CPAC on Thursday, and despite booing from Ron Paul supporters, frosted at his wake up call to them about Paul's ballot box stink, he is considering a run for POTUS.
CPAC is the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, where the right in every stripe, from Barry Goldwater-esque fiscal conservatives mix it up with Tea Party people and the religious right.
Speaking to a packed room that was not welcoming Trump's presence at the conference, Trump played to the cold crowd with bravado and boastful cheer about the 'billions of dollars' he has made and suggested it be a 'scorecard' for how good a candidate he might be.
Trump played up his CV, about attending the 'best business school.' He also said he would make the world respect America again if he were in charge.
But when he laid the boom on the Paul backers, the crowd

MY NOTE: What's to BOO? TRUMP knows how to be tough, knows how to move things along, and interacts internationally.  I want to say when former Minnesota Governor, Tim Pollenty said today, "MR. President, stop apologising for our country! "
I wanted to stand up and cheer. I think Trump can be analytical about our role in the world, apologising when needed and yet being PROUD of our country. Go JOAN!!!

Certainly he has had several wives, but he doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs.  Something most wonder about.   His kids seem pretty straight, despite growing up in luxury and limelight.  GO FOR IT TRUMP!!!

CPAC is happenign today for any Celeb fans that are following politics. Check into THIS WEEK on ABC for a few clips.

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