Monday, February 28, 2011

Frustrations of a Celebrity Columnist

Today will not be filled with links, photos or videos until later tonight or tomorrow.  Over the last weekend much excitement was to be had with Oscars approaching and planning the coverage for the celebrity column.  A friend has a column also, so  in order to provide lots of information for my friends here I posted links. I also built a special page just for articles and videos.  

As Oscars approached the excitement grew and the ideas grew in my mind of what to cover.   With about 30 possible topics, the field was wide open.  While Oscar fever started, so did a real life fever, low grade with sore throat.  I managed to punch out a few articles... but with slow speed internet disease, a cold and interruptions, it was certainly not one of the more fun writing project.

I did post out lots of links and you  can read articles here and here.

So later this week after resting up, there will be plenty to cover with American Idol, House, Dancing with the Stars, and much more.

So when shopping at the store.. make sure to wipe down that cart - and avoid the crowds.   Cheers, and enjoy the post Oscar coverages live on talk shows and on the internet!

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