Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who's the Top 'American Idol' of All-Time?

Who's the Top 'American Idol' of All-Time?: "(CANVAS STAFF REPORTS) - After nine seasons, 'American Idol' has launched dozens of careers into stardom.

But who's the most successful former 'American Idol' contestant? No question – original champion Kelly Clarkson, who won the title in 2002.

Her achievements include selling 10.6 million albums, nearly 16 million tracks, notching 4.3 million radio plays, and landing eight Billboard Hot 100 top 10s – including two No. 1s – from four albums, reported Billboard.com .

The other top 'American Idol' success stories include:

* Carrie Underwood, the champ of the fourth season and the show's first country singer to win. Underwood leads former 'American Idol' contestants with U.S. album sales of 11.5 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan . She earned an estimated $13 million in one recent year, reported Forbes.com .

* Rocker Chris Daughtry may h"

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