Wednesday, March 9, 2011

American Idol so far tonight: March 9 2011 video of Pia

So far tonight I am not seeing any clear cut winners. Oh yes Lauren Alaina was good, and Jacob Lusk was not - in fact I think the Randy has lost his mind on this one. He had some good moments,but he was not consistent. Jacob does have a great voice though and past performances can influence the judges opinion. Other viewers in our viewing room, enjoyed his performance.   Pia Toscano was good and I loved her song.

Song choice is big and if you can relate to the song without comparing it to the original artist, then the contestant has done well.  The roomful of viewers watching the first half of the show said it sounds like there are some DYNAMITE singers in the group of talented contestants. 

Casey Abrams was good and so Mia Megia song was perfect choice "Smile". It was not perfectly done but STeven Tyler liked it,"All in All" - RAndy Liked it especially at the beginning. JLO liked seeing her move and said Mia "Sings like an angel."

One viewer said I hope Lauren wins, because we need some more good female country singers! "She's okay" and "she's got potential" are what a couple  of the viewers said.  Steven Tyler wanted more "kick ass."

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