Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lauren Alaina : Meet peaches - Ryan is from Georgia

Lauren Alaina – “Turn on the Radio” by Reba McEntire was done as well or better than Reba. 

Hard to believe she is only 16. watching you can see the judges enjoying it. Standing ovation and tapping on glass by American Idol Judge Steven Tyler.  

JLO you dont' even have to try.  The voice is effortless, I know there is more in there.  Amazing
Randy - you have a natural gift, but I don't believe you know how good you are.  You have so much more in there.   I am a fan I am in a fan
Tyler - sing into the stratosphere , you killed it. They have not seen the best of you yet. 

Lauren: I want you to meet 'Peaches' - Ryan is from Georgia. This writer is speechless.

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