Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Steals Necklace or NOT? videos and comments 3/10/11

Scroll below to see comments and additional article links. If you are wondering about laws, foreclosure fraud has made me acutely aware of rights.  I have not listened to the first video closely, but I am anxious to dissect it.  

JUDGE:  Can a judge do this? Recommed TMZ and RadarOnline to work for the CIA - whatever Judge! 

Lindsay's Jewelry Store -- AUCTIONING the Necklace

Is that legal? I thought that evidence had to be preserved. Has Lindsey's attorney agreed to this? Maybe they do things differently in Hollywood!

Lindsay Lohan rejects plea deal in theft case - Times Union
How will she get out of this one with TMZ video of necklace shown leaving the store on Lindsey's neck? I am thinking her lawyer and her must be "NUTZ" is that something she could use for defense. Maybe kleptomania as a defense? How about child star syndrome?

I am not saying she is guilty or innocent but certainly it is insane to buck the system if you are indeed guilty.  It is hard enough when innocent.

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