Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reality Check on Kate Goseselin's bullying kidshome school mom after At-Risk Kids expelled for bullying?

Great posting by a blogger that notices that Kate goes shopping when under pressure.

Celebrity Scandal: Kate Gosselin turns home school mom after At-Risk Kids expelled for bullying?: "Any other family who elects to home school their children usually does so after careful and thoughtful consideration. Whether they elect to home school children for personal reasons (like health issues, philosophical reason, or religious beliefs), the parent or parents and surrounding family members usually help make a group decision with the kids to set up a home school network environment. School days are planned, as are parents incorporating children into their every day, year ’round lifestyle.

Not Kate. Kate Gosselin is facing a different situation. Her kids have been expelled from school for being horrible little people — bullying other children much like their celebrity mother, acting like fools much like their celebrity father, and just acting like spolied brats in general. To home school them (rather than to get them into a school that deals with unruly kids in ways that are appropriate) is sure to be seen as positive reinforcement for bad behavior — as the school administrators were to blame for the expulsion. Right, Kate? Now, the kids are being rewarded b"

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