Monday, June 27, 2011

Box Office: ‘Cars 2′ Keeps Pixar Trucking | Film School Rejects

Box Office: ‘Cars 2′ Keeps Pixar Trucking | Film School Rejects: "But despite being a critical underachiever, Cars 2 still managed to lap its competitors and fall in line with much of Pixar’s slate. It’s $68m weekend puts it at #5 on the opening chart for the studio, ahead of Wall-E and just under 2009’s Up. This opening also puts the movie at #4 on the all-time biggest June opening in history, a list whose top five includes three Pixar films. Wall-E’s $63m opening weekend in 2008 and Toy Story 3’s $110.3m opening from last year are the other two.

Where this puts the Cars franchise remains to be seen, though. This opening is impressive, but it didn’t push past the usual $65-70m opening weekend Pixar usually gets."

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