Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrity Divorce: Arnold and Maria Shriver debate financial infidelity?

Celebrity Divorce: Arnold and Maria Shriver debate financial infidelity?: "Belky Says…

Financial infidelity takes place when someone in a supposed committed relationship uses money created as a couple and uses it for purposes they hide from their partner. This can take place in the form of secret purchase, cash purchase that cannot be tracked electronically, or simply having secret accounts that one of the partners is not aware of. How does this affect the marriage and family? As a unit, a married couple or committed long-term romantic relationship suffers when trust is broke. Many couples work together to make their family life a happy one. When trust is broken, it impacts the immediate couple and trickles down into the rest of the family relationships as has happened with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family. Already, Maria and the children are leaving outside of the family home. The children have expressed mixed feelings towards their father and have at times taken to social media such as Twitter to vent a bit."

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