Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rihanna in Brazil: Sexy revealing costumes in... | Gather

Rihanna in Brazil: Sexy revealing costumes in... | Gather: "Rihanna performed for the first time in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Taking her LOUD tour on an international leg, the fans in Brazil came to the show for a rocking night of vocal talent and over the top costumes. As seen in America, the entertainer didn't disappoint, but she definitely outdid herself as the new looks had even Americans taking a peek at the sexy performance.

Sporting her natural hair and wearing tight-fitting costumes, the sexy entertainer brought out her best and it was one hot concert. One outfit that definitely got the look from the fans was her black and white leotard with black fish net stockings. Her top, extremely tight, was almost too much as she danced upon the stage with the fans looking on."

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