Thursday, July 5, 2012

Depp and former girlfriend Paradis had blazing fights- was it money or something more sinister?

Since their recent announcement of splitting up, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have gone their separate ways. Johnny Depp has been dating Amber Heard and fans are left wondering - "what happened?" 4th of July explosions mimic the fights that Depp and Paradis are reported to have according to Wednesday's US Weekly exclusive report.
What went wrong with Depp and Paradis seems to be the same thing that goes wrong with many couples – se  >>>> Keep reading here>>>>>
The above article includes a bit of  personal observation. It still puzzles me how  d I ask often why will couples avoid going through marital classes  or counseling and jump straight to divorce?  If someone can answer that question well – world peace might be achievable. An interesting article about predicting how long your marriage will last grabbed my attention. Check out How to Predict Whether Your Marriage Will Last. Even if a divorce seems imminent if both people are willing the marriage can be saved with outside help in fixing communication. Even one person can change the course of history if they are willing to confront issues head on. 

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