Sunday, January 6, 2013

Celebrity Buzz: Gossip and News: WEekend update and Kim Kardashian news

Celebrity Buzz: Gossip and News about the Entertainment world: "Saturday Night Celebrity Catch-Up: Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian tops the pregnancy news

Okay, Kim Kardashian's and her relationship with Kanye West is kicking it up another notch with news of another Kardashian "in-the-oven." Kim and Kanye are expecting a kaby (scratch that) baby and the fans are on fire looking for the juiciest gossip.

The top Kim Kardashian stories on Saturday night:

Pregnant Kim Kardashian goes sheer in Canada

Kim Kardashian & Julianne Hough Make Readers Angry - and Sad ...

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Style Proves Sexy, Sheer Looks Can Be ..."

The week start off with a shocking Paparazzo death, as a photographer tried to scoop a possible Justin Bieberpullover (scroll down for video) In related news it has become clear that Selena Gomez dumped Bieber But not so quick, according to today's headlines that rumor is false! Although pot smoking by Bieber appears to developing as a possible real story, a fellow Examiner reported on Justin's Tweets that possibly link to admission of pot use. We aren't sure what to believe anymore.

Along the young romance lines we have not heard of any heartbreak with the HAYLOR couple; Taylor Swift and Harry Styles seem to be just fine! Miley Cyrus is in love with her new adopted family pet, Beans. Photos of Bean

Keep reading for synopsis of Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and FIesta Bowl

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