Friday, March 29, 2013

Gay Marriage Debate, Gay Marriage Red Equal Signs on Facebook with photos, Kim Kardashian and more

This weeks articles | THIS WEEK the topic of gay marriage is in the Supreme Court and the debate over legality is being analyzed by the justises in two high -profile cases. Social  media is lending it' voice and the RED EQUAL SIGN has made a huge impact on the visual content and discussions of people across the nation.   Take a look at the top two articles in this list and the slideshow of various red equal signs posted across Facebook and Twitter.  It has been a bit on the wild side as the weather gets gorgeous and Passover and Easter celebrations come are in full gear. Taxes come due in a couple of weeks. But, people are still making time to debate, post their feelings and ask that the law reflect societal values as well as constitutional protections.  Caveat: I am not an advocate here for gay marriage, Uncle Sam or religious celebrations - but I am advocating for discussion, and respect for other  peoples beliefs and freedom to speak out - no matter what they believe. 

20 Photos: Facebook Profile support for Gay Marriage: Gay rights red equal sign logo

Red equal-signs posted by Beyonce, Fergie, and True Blood on Facebook walls (Video)

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