Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Al Roker gets mysterious with ‘Midnight Show Murders’ - Books - fiction - TODAYshow.com

Al Roker gets mysterious with ‘Midnight Show Murders’ - Books - fiction - TODAYshow.com:
"Who knew television was such a bloodbath? Al Roker's fictional celebrity chef-turned-sleuth, Billy Blessing, finds himself in the midst of murder once again in this sequel to “The Morning Show Murders.”
Chapter one
My love affair with Los Angeles began to wane twenty-three years ago, the morning a cleaning crew found Tiffany Arden's body in a dumpster behind Chez Anisette, a very popular restaurant of the day. Her head had been pulverized. If you're ghoulish enough to want a more detailed description than that, then go ahead and Google the media coverage of the murder.
There was a lot of it.
Much of it was accurate. Some was not. For example, it was widely reported that her murderer was unknown. Not true. I was pretty sure I knew who he was. And I knew that he was still at large, enjoying a rich, full life in the City of Angels.
'Just listen ta this, Billy.' The gruff but lilting voice of Irish pop singer-guita"

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