Sunday, November 14, 2010

NOTE TO TV EXECS: Stop Cancellations until you check with me

While I might not watch it all the time - Law and Order is a family favorite for chilling once in a while. We will miss this show and what the heck is in the Executives brains anyway? Don't they realize that by keeping it one more year they will make TONS more $$$$$ in the long run? seriously flawed thinking in my opinion. Of course I don't have all the facts, so reserve the right to change my mind on this topic!

Double disappointment this year... Outlaw first and now La and Order - Doesn't anyone check in with me first?

Click title link to see more cancellation news!

Five Most Surprising Cancellations - E! Online: "3. Law & Order: You're a game-changing, franchise-spawning series. You do what you do very well for 20 years. One more year and you'll pass Gunsmoke in the TV record books, and nobody will have Google Gunsmoke ever again. But no! NBC cancels you just short of the winner's circle. For all of TV eternity, you'll walk hand in hand with Miss Kitty—and now everybody's gonna have to Google Miss Kitty, too! Talk about unsatisfying endings. No wonder 30 Rock's Tracy Jordan was so upset."

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