Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'Mr. Sunshine' pilot airs tonight on ABC: Matthew Perry IS Mr. Sunshine

Matthew Perry is 'Mr. Sunshine'. This new mid-season show promises to be funny and a great new series that premieres tonight after Modern Family.  ABC is pulling out all the stops, however it remains to be seen if they will be pulling out all the plugs. A few of the lines seemed to stretch morals a bit. The line about an middle aged guy (41) getting the number of a hot teen age girl is not onlly offensive but also attempts to normalize what is ILLEGAL and considered rape.  NOT cool in my opinion

I loved the trailer music and the slapstick style humor. Watching the video below gives an idea of the show along with information about the pilot, the show's premise and actors.. This show however is not a bad gig for a former 'Friends' Star, Matthew Perry who is also the creator of this show.

 Matthew Perry, Allison Janney, Andrea Anders, James Lesure, Nate Torrence, Portia Doubelday and Davis Pressman.  Wednesdays 9:30/ 8:30 Central.

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