Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adam Lambert Best of the Best Videos

WAtching the MTV EMA award show tonight was both fun and sad.  Sad because the show is not readily available here in the USA and choppiness is not a thing I do well with. ADAM Lambert is one of the performers that people love and sometimes hate at that same time.  Adam has oodles of talent.   Tonight Lambert's performance with Queen was top notch and gave the element of surprise that always delights audiences.

In lieu of a current video, it was thought that offering the best of the best might give those stumbling upon this page, a taste of his talent.  Starting with the first video Time for Miracles has o1,420,182 hits. It is two years old and  representative of his raw talent. This is  a powerful song.
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 Just one month later this video comes out and has over 11 million views.   Definitely a bit darker, punchier and not as romantic more sexual with snake handling,  it has a beat and rhythm that is very catchy.   Adam Lambert - FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT

The following video from Adam came out about 6 months later in June of 2010. you might have to skip through an advertisement to view it.  With over 24,585,477  hits you can understand why it is so popular. 

Adam Lambert - If I had you  here

Heard just 6 months later in December of 2010 this song was on the airways so much that it was almost, almost easy to get tired of it. With 23,489,647 hits this song still draws people in with its gut wrenching plea to not give up on Adam.  Titled: Whataya Want From Me

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