Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tia Mowry models raw vegetable fashion for PETA; Tia goes Vegan - National Celebrity Headlines |

Tia Mowry goes Vegan - National Celebrity Headlines |
Tia Mowry is going Vegan for health, and saving a few animals in the process. Covered in nothing more than a live lettuce apron, Mowry dishes up the scoop on going Vegan for PETA. The tastefully done ad campaign was revealed on Monday at PETA's Bob Barker Building. The video "Let Veganism Grow on You" advocates for a healthier lifestyle."

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EDITORS NOTE: You can vastly improve life by  buying free range chicken or raising your own if possible.  VEGAN is awesome but not everyone will adjust.  Tia's point about  Acidic Bodies after eating meat is importatnt - check your levels with test strips.  I have no affiliations but you can check various prices through google search.

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