Friday, February 18, 2011

'Idol' Recap: Saving The Best (And Worst) For Last - Reality Rocks

'Idol' Recap: Saving The Best (And Worst) For Last - Reality Rocks: "It was 'the most important audition of their life,' as Ryan Seacrest said in his charming mix of singular and plural tenses. But hey, what does grammar matter when a major-label record deal, an 'American Idol' title, and a top 40 Vegas road trip to perform at the Cirque Du Soleil Beatles show are at stake?

Yes, on Thursday Season 10's survivors continued their Hollywood Week, or Hell Week, or let's just call it Hellywood Week, and this was their one final shot to make an impression before the judges started tossing their Polaroids into the trashbin like so many soiled Steven Tyler scarves. And with the added elements of musical instruments (which they were finally allowed to play for the first time this season) and live band accompaniment, the pressure was on like Donkey Kong."

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