Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice: ACN's residual income opportunity

Celebrity Apprentice is turning up the heat.  Tonight Celebrity Apprentice will feature ACN a company that provides telecommunications and electricity; as well a fabulous networking opportunity.

Donald Trump is  very concerned for the American Economy and frequently highlights opportunities for people. In considering a run for the Presidency, it is hoped that Trump can improve the economy.

Tonight, all eyes are on ACN and the opportunity it affords its members.   Building a network team of just 7 people can provide a comfortable income for living.  Many members are building a 5 year plan for retirement. Investing in others is the mantra of team leaders.

Tonight oneof the products of ACN that is featured is its video phone.  Working over the internet, VOIP, the phone is used for both regular and for video calls.   I f you have never used this phone, find representative and ask for a demonstration.  Last year ACN's video phone was featured on a segment of  the Apprentice demonstrated by a soldier stationed overseas, calling home to talk with his family.  The phone can be used to help keep grandparents and grandchildren in touch with each other.

Other services which were not  featured tonight were:  Cell phone services which is provided by most major carriers, and the roll-out this month of the new ACN cellular network..  Satellite services are provided by ACN through  major carriers. Electricity has been rolled out for New York and other states are following suit, expanding the  market for electrical sale.   The costs for services are generally lower and save people money, residual income is based off total sales.   Other opportunities include networking and building a team and earning bonuses from sign-ups.

For people that enjoy helping others, the networking portion of the business opportunity will be most appealing.  What thing could be better in life, than saving other people money.   The only thing better is watching Celebrity Apprentice as Star Jones and Dionne Warwick ruffle feathers and Gary Busey drives teammates insane.   Its all so fun.

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