Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice - Video phone featured from ACN (video)

We are part of the ACN team and this was such a great episode, watching how others viewed the Video Phone. We use the Video Phone and love it.  We were interested to see how the TRUMP apprentice teams would view the product.

 Team dynamics changed this week; the men's team while still having some friction  and grumbling - did pull it together a lot more than previous weeks.  Both teams would benefit from focusing on the  strengths and less on the negative characteristics of each team member.  Listening to each other a little bit more would help morale and productivity.

Each team member and their charity is inspiring to lean about.   Gary Busey won the task last week with
The Center for Head Injury Services.  Gary has suffered from head injury and was thrilled to be able to give back to the charity that had helped him regain his life.   He presented two checks, 1 for 20,000 that was raised by the team and 1 for 20,000 from Camping World.

Watch this week's Apprentice . The Video phone is sold through ACN and is in over 20 countries. ACN is a homebased marketing business opportunity.  Click here to learn more about ACN, request cd/brochure, services or to set up video phone service. Additional resources are below.

ACN stars on Celebrity Apprentice - Video phone commercial wars

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