Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Chill: Charlie Sheen's Tweet Deal

Just Chill: Charlie Sheen's Tweet Deal: "No product placement was involved on the part of the brands. He simply grabbed the drinks from his fridge to make a visual pun for his first ever tweet showing the Naked brand (hot babe) vs. the wholesome, child-like innocence of chocolate milk to illustrate his #chooseyourvice message as a comment on his lifestyle choices.
But as brandchannel has already examined with the going celebrity rates via Sponsored Tweets, Sheen's 140-character missives, to 1,113,000 and growing, could be worth a pretty penny. Lindsey Lohan, with just 1,002,269 followers, was billing nearly $3,000 per tweet.

And tht's certainly Sheen's angle — major attention (check), grab the spotlight back from CBS (check), prove his draw as a personal brand (well, a crumbling personal brand) — check, check, check. Although he's been the highest-paid actor on US TV with his $2 million per episode CBS deal for Two and a Half Men, he likely wouldn't say no to sponsors jumping on his Twitter rockstar status.
As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Sheen partnered with, which bills itself as 'Celebrity endorsements on Facebook, Twitter and more. We help brands connect with consumers through the most influential celebrities..'

Now, the only question is, which brand will be Sheen's first Twitter sponsor?"

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