Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taking a shining to Sheen - Winnipeg Free Press

Taking a shining to Sheen - Winnipeg Free Press: "Sheen's quotes are gleaned from interviews he did over the last week with a number of media outlets, including The Today Show, Good Morning America and TMZ. Moffatt said a lot of the quotes are out of context but they're becoming catchphrases that can be used for any occasion.
(Try dropping 'My success rate is 100 per cent. Do the math' into your next conversation.)
At a recent conference on personal branding he attended, Moffatt said Sheen came up as somebody who has a good brand and can 'do a lot of weird things and people still love him.'
'In October, he was seen running naked through a hotel and ratings for (his sitcom) Two And A Half Men went up. I got to thinking, 'A lot of people would like to live that life,' ' he said.
Moffatt said he's not looking to sell advertising on the site but he does have a link selling T-shirts with Sheen's words of wisdom on them.
'This is a social media experiment. It's not about the money. We're making a little bit off the shirts but the people making the shirts are making the lion's share. People want to be associated with the Charlie Sheen brand. It's kind of weird,' he said.
Moffatt said he's not expecting to be contacted by Sheen but admits it would be 'kind of cool' if it happened."

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